Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How to Make an Edible Animal Cell Cake

Several weeks ago, Emily had the opportunity to make a cell cake for extra credit in her science class. It could be made of any food as long as it was all edible and large enough to feed half of her class.

She chose to make an animal cell cake, which is round. We did a lot of research on the internet to get some ideas for what to use for different parts of the cake.

Edible Animal Cell Cake

Emily wanted to look like the cell was cut open so we baked one cake in a large round baking pan and another cake in a large glass bowl to make a dome for the top of the cell. We cut off some dome cake so that we can add in all of our cell parts. 

Edible Animal Cell Cake

Here are the items we used for different parts of the animal cell:

Yellow frosting - Cytoplasm
Orange frosting - Cell membrane (add red food coloring to the yellow frosting to make things easy on yourself)
White candy melts - Ribosomes
Airhead Extreme candy belts - Golgi body
Large round lollipop - Nucleus
Sour gummy worms - Rough ER
Red Mike & Ike - Smooth ER
Orange frosting - Nuclear membrane (put some frosting in a plastic baggie and snip off the end to pipe the frosting around the nucleus)
Red gummy bears - Mitochondria
White jelly beans - Vacuole

If you try it, let me know how it goes for you.

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