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Friday, May 26, 2017

Red Apple Cake Pops

Red Apple Cake Pops
I know that school is out for the summer, but I wanted to share another thing that Emily and I made for Teacher Appreciation week.

One of the PTA special activities as a treat day for the teachers where people could bring sweet treats and baked goods. Emily and I searched the internet for some teacher-related goodies and we ended up finding these red apple cake pops. They are so cute! I know I say that all the time about the stuff I make, but look at these! They are sooooo cute!

The stems are broken pretzel rods. My tip is to break the pretzel rods pretty small and just lightly place them into the red candy coating, don't try to jam them down into the actual cake ball. If you press the pretzel rod pieces into the actual cake ball, you'll likely get some of the cake ball showing through around the "stem". My cake was a nice dark chocolate so it looked like I had some bad apples.

The green "leaves" are green Tic Tacs. I used wintergreen Tic Tacs. They looked cute, but they were not great to bite into when you're eating a cake pop. If I make these again, I will probably find something different to use for the leaves, maybe some large leaf sprinkles

A lot of my apple cake pops cracked. I think it's because I inserted the sticks then put the tray of cake pops into the refrigerator for about a half hour. I think cold cake pops are a problem and they should be dipped at room temperature. 

I individually wrapped the cake pops and then put them into a little cardboard tray that I found at Hobby Lobby.

Then I wrapped the whole tray of apple cake pops in cellophane and tied a nice red shiny bow on it. Ya'll, I need serious help with my bow tying. They never end up straight or pretty. 

I've appreciated Emily and Noah's teachers so much this year. They have done a lot of the kids and I hope they have a great summer. It will probably take them that long to recover. Ha ha.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Teacher Appreciation - Bath Bombs

Teacher Appreciation - Bath Bombs
This week was teacher appreciation week at the kids' school. The school had different themes each day - Cards and Notes, Lovin' from the Oven, Meet the Need, Favorite Things. But the PTA also had different things going on for the teachers each day.

We did not participate in all the events, but we contributed several things I'm going to share on the blog.  

One of the things we did is send tins of fizzy bath bombs to the teachers. Super easy!

I found some bath bombs in tins on Amazon and just added a tag that I printed off the internet.

These are the tags I found online. So cute and so easy.

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