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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bell's Palsy - Day 19

no image
Well I wish I had different news, but my Bell's Palsy symptoms have not really changed much. People keep telling me that I look better but my face is still paralyzed.

My pre-planned vacation from work ended a couple days ago and it has been an adjustment sitting at my desk at work all day.  My eye bugs me a lot during the day and there are times that I would like nothing more to just sit there with my eyes closed.  The worst part is driving back and forth to work.  My commute is about 45 minutes each way and it is a very precarious situation.  Sometimes my good eye seems just as irritated and unfocused as the bad eye.  Thankfully, Mike has been hauling around both kids in the morning and afternoon so that saves me an additional 30 minutes of drive time each way.

The other difficult part of going back to work is having to explain what's wrong with me over and over.  Most people don't ask.  I am sure they don't know what to say.  Sometimes I don't even bother to explain even though I can see the questions in their eyes. One of the cruel things about Bell's Palsy is that it's hard to say B and P words ... like Bell's Palsy.  Gah!

This deserves it's own blog post, but I have started taking lots of vitamins and supplements - a good multivitamin including all the B vitamins, an additional sublingual B12 supplement, fish oil for the Omega-3, naproxen sodium (Aleve) every six hours for the anti-inflammatory properties.  I don't know if this will help the paralysis go away any quicker, but I'm willing to try it.

By the time I get home from work, I want nothing more than to take a bath and go to bed. I was telling Mike earlier tonight that I wish my iPad had an app that would turn on my electric blanket without me having to get up and go in there.  Talk about lazy, right?

Thankfully, there's only one more work day before the weekend.

Longest.  Short week.  Ever.

Every few days, I make a cell phone video of myself trying to move my face in different ways - lifting my eyebrows, blinking, closing my eyes tight, smiling, puckering my lips. I like to compare it to the video I made on Day 1 (before I even want to the emergency room) to see if I can see ANY difference at all.  Even though people say I look better, the videos look the same to me.  My face still does not move.

I am wondering how long it took for other people to start seeing improvements?  I read something on the internet the other night that said if you don't start having some movements within the first 2-3 weeks, your recovery could take longer.  This is not a good sign.  I sure hope that's not the case.

I still only know one other person who has had Bell's Palsy.  Most people know someone who has had it, but they have not had it themselves.  The statistic I read online said that 40,000 Americans get Bell's Palsy every year.  That's not many.  Less then 800 per state per year.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Day and Some Updates

Another Day and Some Updates
Today, Mike was gone to an all day class. So I got to enjoy a day at home all to myself. With two kids, of course. Mike helped me with Noah's 5:30am feeding. Then we put Noah back to bed, Emily woke up and Mike let me sleep in until almost 8am. It was almost like a dream come true. I could have stayed in that bed much longer except that I wanted to get a shower before Mike left for his class.

The kids and I just hung around the house all day. Emily and I watched a little Brady Bunch, did some laundry, colored, and tended to baby. Then after a delicious lunch of peanut butter and jelly (you know, kids eat their food better if the parents are eating the same thing), Emily settled in for her nap. Noah was napping in his swing so I did the only reasonable thing to do - log in to work for a bit. I know - shame on me. But it's hard not knowing how things are going while I'm away.

Mike got home at around 5:15pm and he wanted to take me out to dinner as sort of a thank you for letting him go to the class today. We went to a local BBQ place and had a nice time. I LOVE asking for a table for four. While we were there, Mike's mom called and invited Emily to spend the night and go to Sunday School with them in the morning. But Emily didn't want to go. I think she has been missing spending time with her dad.

New, New, New

I mentioned the other day that Noah has been having some fussy evenings. On Friday, he was fussy between feedings all day and I noticed that he had not pooped that day. So when Mike got home from work, we went into town and picked up a new kind of formula. I had done some research online to find a formula that was lower in lactose and easier for babies to digest. I thought a lower lactose formula might be better because Mike apparently had some sort of milk sensitivity based on how much he sneezes after drinking milk or eating ice cream or cheese.

We settled on Enfamil Gentlease. It's supposed to have 1/5th the lactose of their regular formula. And it's formulated to be gentler on baby's tummy and help with gas and fussiness. I mixed a bottle for Noah last night when we got home and I immediately noticed that I had to shake it pretty vigorously to get the formula to mix well and not form clumps in the bottle. Even with the hard shaking, the bottle didn't get the foamy bubbles in it like the regular formula does. The bubbles just sort of dissolved.

During the night last night, Noah had two big poops. And today, he had about 5 large poops within one hour. It was a fun day on that front, but Noah does seem to be feeling much better. I have my happy, easy going baby back.

I also wanted to try a new pacifier. Noah does not normally take a pacifier very well and I was wondering if he didn't like the ones we had since they were not the same shape as the nipples he's accustomed to. So I bought a package of those Soothies pacifiers - the big round blue-green ones. He does seem to like those better, but he still does not seem to need a pacifier to be satisfied.

Mike also did some research and found a new kind of gas medicine. It's called Colic Care. It's supposed to be all natural, FDA regulated and taste great to babies. The package said that it helps with gas and fussiness in babies. It even helps cure hiccups. We did not end up using the Colic Care last night since the new formula seemed to be helping so much.

But this afternoon when Noah had he hiccups for the 4th time today, I thought I would try a little bit to see it if helped. So I opened the bottle and it was this thin black liquid. The directions said to use a dropper and put the medicine between baby's cheek and gums very slowly. I did this and the black liquid immediately came back out of his mouth and all over him. So I squeezed a tiny bit more. And again it came back out. And even though Noah swallowed virtually none of it, his hiccups immediately disappeared. Ha!

More Milk

On Thursday, I received my order of Motherlove More Milk herbal product that the lactation consultant recommended to increase my milk supply. I immediately went into the kitchen to take the first dose. I opened the bottle and poured the dose into a medicine cup and the smell was just horrible. The liquid was a dark brown, sorta like a cola color. And it smelled like funky maple syrup. So I drank it and GAG ME!!!!!! It was SO bad. I made Mike smell it later and he said it smelled like licorice. Yep, maple syrup and licorice and herbs. I have figured out that it's not so bad if I add some Pepsi (which I don't like) to it. At least it's a little fizzy going down.

And the verdict? So far, I have noticed no increase in my milk supply. Bummer. As bad as it tastes, I was hoping it would at least work. And if you happen to run into me and think I reek of maple syrup and licorice, then I apologize in advance. I guess it could be worse. I guess. If I don't see an increase by next week, I'll call my ob/gyn and see if she can call in a prescription for me - something that really works. And doesn't make me smell funny.

Perfect Lips And a Dimpled Chin?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does it work?

Does it work?

A few months ago, I told you about, but ... does it work?

Well, I received a $10 Target giftcard from a few weeks ago and I currently have over $40 cash pending! Ebates recently sent out its quarterly cash back checks. Mike got a check for about $15. My mom got an Ebates check. My sister-in-law got an Ebates check. Did you get your Ebates check? If so, post a comment and let everyone know.

Not signed up? Click here and sign up now! Besides just the cash back, they also have tons of coupon codes at many of your favorite online retailers. You name it, it's on there ..

  • JcPenney
  • Disney Store online
  • Priceline
  • The Gap
  • Toys 'R Us/Babies 'R Us
  • Ebay!
  • More and more and more ...

Final Result: Yes! works!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Hearts

Some Hearts
Some hearts are made of gold or silver.

Some hearts are made of chocolate.

I like chocolate.

Some hearts beat fast. Some slow.

Some hearts beat out of rhythm. Mine does.

For the last several weeks, I have been experiencing short episodes where my heart beats in an irregular pattern. Sometimes it feels like my heart misses a beat and then beats faster to catch up.

At first, this happened infrequently. But over the last week, it has happened much more often.

(TMI - too much information alert. If you'd rather not know the details, you can skip down to the next heart and pick up the story there.)

I feel like this irregular heartbeat is related to some other issues I have been experiencing since I got an IUD put in about 6 months ago. (What's an IUD? It's an intra-uterine birth control device.)

I did a lot of research on the Mirena IUD before I got mine and I talked to several people who had one. Overall, women who had one seemed to be really pleased. I mean what's not to like? Shorter, lighter periods? Very reliable birth control that's hassle free for five years? No daily pills to try to remember?

Within the first few days of getting my IUD put in, I found myself not really feeling well. I had a lot of abdominal pain and bleeding. When I went back for my checkup a few weeks later, I told the doctor about the problems I was experiencing. She suggested I give it more time for my body to adjust.

So that's what I did. I gave it four more months to adjust. So last week I called my doctor about the increasing symptoms and the irregular heartbeat problem. She had me come in to go blood work and everything came back normal.

I was not surprised that the blood work came back normal because one of the main symptoms went away the same day I called the doctor. Of course, right??? I finally have had enough and decide to call and then the symptom goes away. Of course. Make me look stupid.

I had sorta had the same feelings about the erratic heartbeat episodes. Maybe this is all in my head and I'm just hyper-sensitive about feeling my heart beating? Maybe this is a panic attack? I'm not really prone that sort of thing, but surely my heart is not messing up this often.

This weekend, Mike suggested that maybe my blood pressure was high and that's why I was feeling my heart beating like that. So I took out my blood pressure monitor that I used when I was pregnant with Noah and checked my blood pressure.

It was on the low side of normal so no problem there. But there was a strange heart icon at the top of the screen that I had never seen before. I got out my manual and looked it up and it was the irregular heartbeat icon. So it was not all in my head. This was really happening!

So since the blood work was fine, the doctor wanted me to come in today so that she could make sure the Mirena IUD was still in the right position. I told her that I would really just like for her to take the thing out. It's been causing me problems for the past six months and I am just DONE with it.

She said she did not think the Mirena was causing my irregular heartbeat, but she had no problem taking it out. So that's what we did. (I realize I'm making this sound all easy. And the process to get it out is easy. It's just painful. Not nearly as painful as getting the IUD put in. But I can tell you that I didn't want to stand up or even sit up after it was taken out today.)

(TMI Alert - Okay you can start reading again after this paragraph.)

The doctor is also referring me to a cardiologist so that we can try to find the cause of the weird heart rhythm. Her nurse will call me tomorrow to let me know when they can get me in. The nurse said it may take a week or two depending on their schedule.

Personally, I hope it's soon. It's no fun feeling bad.

So stay tuned ...

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Does it work? Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter

Does it work?  Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter
I've been wanting to try the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter for quite some time. It's one of those As Seen on TV products that look like it might actually work. And who doesn't love fresh home-grown tomatoes.

This weekend, we were at Home Depot and they had some of these gadgets in the garden center. Mike saw them too and asked if I wanted to get one. Of course I do!

So we picked one up and I read on the box that you have to buy a tomato plant to put in it and some potting soil. We browsed the tomato selections and ended up picking a Better Boy tomato. This is a variety that my Granddaddy grew in his garden.

When we got home, Emily and I potted up the tomato plant in the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter. It was a very windy day and, unfortunately, Emily was sitting down-wind from the planter and all the potting mix. It ended up getting all over her and in her hair. Whoops!

So you take off the planter's cap and remove the split sponge that's in the bottom of the planter. I let Emily hold our sponge and she ended up breaking it in two pieces, but it worked okay anyway. You insert the tomato plant from the bottom and then put the split sponge around the stem. Then you push the sponge down into the bottom of the planter. This is how the plant is held into place.

After the plant and sponge were firmly plugging the bottom hole, we started adding potting soil to the planter. The directions said to fill it to within two inches of the top, but ours was not quite that full.
We hung the planter on a shepherd's hook in the backyard then added water to the top of the bag. Unfortunately, it was so so windy outside and our poor tomato plant was being whipped around. I hope it survives the night.

The instruction pamphlet says to water the plant often and to fertilize it every two weeks at first and then ever 10 days and then every few days.

I'll let you know how it goes ....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good, Better, Best

Good, Better, Best
Today was Emily's last day of school for this year. Her last day of Pre-K ever. She got her report card today and it was GOOD. She passed every skill, of course.

In her Pre-K class, they have a color chart that they use to track behavior. Green is GOOD. Blue is a warning. Yellow is worse than that. And Red is a trip to the principal's office. Emily, proudly, has stayed on GREEN every day this whole year. And that is GOOD!

This is what Emily looked like this morning on the way to school.

Do you remember what she looked like on her first day of Pre-K? Check it out here.

Isn't she just growing up right in front of our eyes?

Today while I was at home, I called my doctor's office to see if they had the results from my glucose tolerance test that I took last week. The nurse called me back later and said that the results were normal. I told you that's what it would be, but I feel BETTER now that I know for sure.

I also worked on cleaning and organizing in Emily's room today. I had a lot of baby things stored in her closet and I was trying to get everything sorted out so that I can move some of it to Noah's room soon. I don't know about you, but I clean and organize with a large trash bag in hand.

Anything that has seen better days goes into the trash bag. It's much easier to clean this way when Emily is not around though. And the bag has to be gone by the time she comes back!
When Emily got home from school, I put her to work putting away her things in her room. She is a good helper if I give her specific directions. "Gather up all the shoes and put them on the shelf." "Find all the baby doll clothes and put them in this suitcase." "How many books can you find? Put them on your desk."

When Dad got home, we went to eat at Ted's to celebrate the last day of school. It was good Mexican food tonight, but Emily was more interested in checking out the other diners than eating her dinner. Lately, she has become an expert people watcher. I have to remind her often to keep her eyes over at our table.

Tomorrow, Emily and I are going to spend the day together. And I think that's the BEST news of all. We don't have any specific plans, but we are going to try to find something fun to do. We might go shopping. We might go play at the park. We'll definitely try to get some things done at home. But I know we will have a great time.


I made some phone calls yesterday and was finally able to talk to a guy about our shed. He wanted to schedule us for Tuesday, June 1, but I said I really needed it earlier than that - before Memorial Day. He said their schedule was booked until then, but there was this one customer who had inquired about delaying their installation date because their building site was not ready. And IF they change their install date, then we can get our building installed on Friday, May 28. He called it an "outside chance" that we could get installed on that date, but I explained that we were expecting a baby soon and we NEEDED to get this building in before Memorial Day. So we are praying that we'll be able to get the date that we need and everything will work out. At this point, I just have to turn it over to God and let him work out all the details.

And A Funny

This morning when Emily and I were on our way to school, Emily and I were chattering about different things. She said that "Daddy works on suitcases." I said he doesn't work on suitcases. And she said "Yes he does. He works on a lot of suitcases at work." I tried to explain that they're not suitcases, but they are computer files that are called cases and that Daddy helps people. I am just wondering how many people she has told that her Daddy works on suitcases.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lactation Consultation

Lactation Consultation
This morning after I dropped Emily off at school, Noah and I went to the hospital for our lactation consultation. Noah weighed 6lbs 9oz today. That means he's gained 5 ounces since we were at the doctor's office last week. This is perfect!

After watching Noah nurse, she said that he was doing a great job. He just has a hard time controlling his tongue (just like his big sister?) Sometimes his tongue pushes things out of his mouth when he doesn't want it to. It's just something that will get easier for him as he gets older and his muscles get stronger. The doctor mentioned this a couple weeks ago too in relation to his pacifier. By the time he's about 6 weeks old, he'll be a lot better at controlling his pacifier.

As far as my milk supply goes, she said that it's true that he has been eating more than I'm producing but it's not really too bad at this point. She said it could be because he's taking so long to eat that my milk does not have enough time to build back up between feedings. She gave me some information on an herbal supplement that I can try to increase my milk supply.

I tried a fenugreek supplement when Emily was a baby, but I didn't think it helped much. I'm hopeful that this new formula will work better, but I don't want to get my hopes up. If it does not work, I may be able to get a prescription for Reglan from my doctor. That did work with Emily, but I only took it for about a week.

Either way, I'll give Noah as much milk as I have. Every little bit will help him grow.

Other than our appointment today, we did not do much else. Noah and I got home at about 1:30pm and then had to pick up Emily from school between 2:45 and 2:55pm. I didn't get to talk to Emily's teacher this afternoon, but I hope to be able to tomorrow. I like to be able to speak with her whenever I can and see how things are running in Emily's class. This is a special time while I'm off work and able to do this so I really want to make the most of it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

What is this pain?

no image
Yesterday at work, I started having what I think is sciatic nerve pain. I just call it "booty pain". It's only on one side - the left side, but it sure hurts when I walk.

Then after I got home from work, I also started getting a pain/ache in my left side. At first, I thought maybe the baby was pressing on a nerve but it soon became clear that the pain was worse than that. I drank a glass of water, took some Tylenol and then went to relax in the bath. After a while the pain did go away so I went ahead and got out of the tub and went back to the living room (to work on our taxes - in case you didn't notice, April 15th is next week!)

Well, unfortunately, the pain came back again. I tried drinking more water and eventually went back to the bath. Again, the pain went away after a while. I got out of the bath and the pain eventually came back again. I began to realize that my side did not hurt when my bladder was full, but a few minutes after I emptied it the pain would begin to come back.

I eventually did go to sleep in my recliner. Every time I woke up to go to the bathroom, I would also get a BIG drink of water. And I felt okay when I woke up this morning I immediately went to get a big drink of water and I've been drinking lots of water all day today. So far, I've been okay - just tired. I'm thinking it may have been a kidney stone or something. Whatever it was, I hope it does not come back!!!

Tonight I seriously considered asking Mike to take a picture of me and my 21 week belly. I just couldn't do it though. It is so against my nature.

I'm almost exclusively wearing maternity clothes now. After the heat wave last weekend, I decided that I need to get some shorts or capris. Jeans are way too hot when it's 85 degrees outside! This weekend is supposed to be nice though so maybe I can make it another week or two.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vroom Vroom

Vroom Vroom
I think I've hinted several times that "Mama got a new toy". It's something special and mostly for me. I just love it.

It's hardworking ...

Small, but mighty ...

Voraciously independent ...

A real busy little bee ...

It's a robot ...

Just for me ...

A Roomba!

Sometimes I feel a little guilty when the Roomba vacuum is running because it's working and I'm not. I love how it gets under furniture. It's so easy just to let it work while I do something else. It really does a good job too. It picks up all kinds of dirt and debris. My floors have never looked so good.
I use the Roomba on the carpet in the living room and bedrooms and the vinyl flooring in the kitchen. I've also used it on bathroom rugs and an indoor/outdoor rug in the laundry room. I've used it several times in Emily's room, but only once in my bedroom. Sadly, my bedroom floor hasn't been clear enough to run the Roomba since then. Just being real with ya'll ...
I got the 530 model which goes back to its charging base when it finishes the cleaning cycle or the battery gets low. It's such a nice feature. My Roomba "sleeps" under an end table and I don't even have to put it away when it's done cleaning.
That's my kind of cleaning!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Stuck in the Mud

no image
Well this morning started out with a bang.

When I went out to my car to go to work, it was stuck in the ice and snow in the driveway. I got ready to drive off and it wouldn't do anywhere. I put the car into reverse and it still didn't work.

I got out and fetched the shovel and dug out the snow and ice from around the front and back tires. Then I got back in and tried to go again. No luck! The tire just started spinning and mud was flying everywhere. Oh what a mess!

Next, I tried rocking back and forth, but that didn't work. Does that even work? I don't know, but it came to mind and so I tried it.

Kitty litter came to my mind next, but we don't have a cat. So I went and got the ice melt and sprinkled that in the mud behind the front tires. Then I tried backing up, but nothing happened. Then I turned my steering wheel the other way and the car shot backwards! I was out and I was free!

I slowly turned around and off I went. I got to work about 40 minutes late, but it was okay. At least I made it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where are Jon and Sherry Rivers?

no image
As you know, I'm a big fan of Klove radio. I listen to it in my car on the way to and from work. I have a long drive (about 45 minutes each way) so it's really nice to have some good music in the car. I like going on their website to look at their list of Top Songs and Recently Played Songs. Sometimes I like the song but I can't remember the name of it. Kinda hard to find a song on iTunes if you can't remember what it's called or who sings it.

Every morning, I always enjoy listening to Jon and Sherry Rivers on the radio. For the past week or so, they've had Lisa Williams on the radio in the mornings. On Monday morning, I heard Lisa say something about the Rivers family taking some time off but I didn't catch exactly what she said. This morning, the president of KLove Mike Novak was on with a recorded message that the Rivers are dealing with family issues.

Text of the note from Mike Novak:

You've probably heard by now and noticed that Jon & Sherry aren't on K-LOVE anymore. They are dealing with family issues and while we wish we could say more we simply can’t.

Many of you are wondering “Have Jon and Sherry been fired?”. No, that is simply not true. This life situation developed between Jon and Sherry apart from K-LOVE.

Again, Jon and Sherry are dealing with family issues and while we wish we could say more we simply can’t.

I know all of this sounds vague and I wish that it was clearer but right now it’s not. We are respecting the privacy of people who have been part of our radio family for years and that respect is paramount right now.

When we hear an update from Jon and Sherry we’ll pass it along to you and at that point we will both know more.

In the meantime, we will soon provide an opportunity at to share your feelings, hopes and prayers for Jon and Sherry.

I’ll keep you posted. Thank you.

I don't know what's going on, but I'm praying for their family. I really enjoyed their morning show and hope they come back to Klove soon.

So I'll pose the question to you ... what happened to Jon and Sherry Rivers? Does anyone have any insight? What's the rumor on the street?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Space Bags - Final Update

no image
Note: This is Part 5 of "Does it work? Space Bags". Click here for all related posts.

I hope you all are sitting down because this one is a shocker ...

No, not really ... the lone Space Bag was full of air again this morning.

I didn't even bother trying it again. I just put it back under the bed next to the other two. Even though it's full of air, the little girl clothes are still contained and stowed under the bed.

So ...

Final Result: Yes, Space Bags work ... if you're lucky.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Self-Inflicted Earache

Self-Inflicted Earache
The other week, I bought an earwax removal kit. (If ears or wax or anything related to either topic grosses you out, feel free to stop reading here.)

I wasn't really having an problem, but I always have quite a bit of ear wax. And besides that, we have recently figured out that we're going to end up with quite a bit of money left in our flexible spending account when the plan year ends in June. So I noticed an earwax removal kit was on the FSA-eligible list and I went out and bought one.

That very night, I decided to try out that earwax removal kit. I read the directions carefully ...

  • Tilt head sideways and place 5 to 10 drops into ear. Fine, no big deal. Mom did this to me quite a few times as a kid so it's nothing new.

  • Keep drops in ear for several minutes by keeping head tilted or placing cotton in the ear. Okay, tilting ... feels weird and kinda cloggy but I can handle this.

I do this on the first ear and then waaaait for several minutes ... then I hold a piece of tissue over my ear and let it drain as I do the same to the other ear. I waaaait again and then drain the second ear. That wasn't so bad ... a little oily feeling, but no big deal.

I go to bed about an hour after this, but wake up a few hours later with a really bad earache in one ear. I turn over to the other side, hoping that will ease the pain. No such luck. I spend the rest of the time tossing and turning from side to side, trying to find a comfortable position.

When I woke up the next morning, I still had the earache. It was mostly better by the end of the day, but then I followed the rest of the directions ...

  • Use twice daily for up to 4 days if needed... Sheesh!

I just hope this works because I don't want to have to do the final direction ...

  • Any wax remaining after the 4-day treatment may be removed by gently flushing the ear with warm (body temperature-water, using a soft bulb syringe. Gulp!

So .. does it work? I guess we'll see in 2 more days.

Here's to hoping I don't wake up with another self-inflicted earache tonight.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


no image
What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, Noah was content and took a couple good naps during the day. Today he was unsettled and took a few little naps of 20 minutes or less. It's like a complete 360 degree change.

He did take a pretty good nap this evening and then went to bed at about 8:00pm. I hope this does not mess up his nighttime sleep schedule. We have been doing pretty good at night, only getting up once at about 1am. Except for the daily poop at around 5am. This wakes him up every time and it's hard to get him back to sleep.

We have been getting a lot of rain today from the remnants of tropical storm Hermine. The rain makes it soooo difficult to get Emily into the school while carrying Noah in his carseat. And today, of all days, I needed to stop and get gas really bad. Perfect timing, right?

Hopefully Hermine will be out of here by tomorrow morning because we're having company. Grandmother is coming up for Grandparents Day at Emily's school on Friday. I think she's coming to see Noah too.

Poppa has been out the last few nights to work on our dryer. The dryer works, but the timer was not working right. After dealing with a (new) bad part, Poppa finally got the dryer working tonight. I say new bad part because the store said the part tested good, but it didnt work. So Poppa had to get creative to get it all to work!

Well, sorry about any misspellings tonight. I'm attempting to post from my phone since our internet connection is spotty due to all the rain tonight. Hopefully I'll have some new pics tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Does it work? Space Bags

Does it work?  Space Bags
This evening, I worked on organizing Emily's closet. I filled three LARGE Space Bags with some of her clothes that she's outgrown. Then I used the vacuum cleaner hose to suck all the air out of the bags.

The first bag, I heard some air whistling out as soon as I finished it. I pushed the plastic plug more firmly into the sucker hole part thingie. (I have no idea what that part is called, really!) The whistling stopped so I moved on to the next bag.

The second bag, I immediately heard some air whistling out of it as well. The plug seemed to be solid so I checked the zip top on the bag and one of the corners seemed to be leaking air. I opened the bag up and then re-zipped the top then re-sucked the air. The whistling stopped so I moved on to the third bag.

The third bag, I sucked the air out and heard nothing. Success at last!

So I stored all three bags flat under the bed with the plug facing up. What are the chances that the bags will still be flattened and sealed in the morning?

Have you ever used Space Bags? If so, what was your experience?

See my follow-ups to this story:

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Space Bags Update - Day 2

Friday, March 13, 2009

Space Bags Update - Day 3

no image
Note: This is Part 4 of "Does it work? Space Bags". Click here for Part 1 or Part 2 or Part 3.

The un-cooperative Space Bag was full of air again this morning. The other two are holding strong.

I unzipped the top of the air-filled Space Bag and re-zipped it being careful to match the sides evenly. Then I sucked all the air out with the vacuum cleaner.

If this doesn't work, all hope may be lost on this one. Has anyone else had a similar experience with a Space Bag?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a Way to Wake Up

What a Way to Wake Up

Smiles all around. That's what I like to see.

Noah went to bed last night at about 8pm and slept until 1am. Then he went back down until about 6:45am when these pictures were taken. He went back to sleep when I took Emily to school at 8:00am so I put him (still in his carseat) in his bed and he slept until about 10:30am.

While he was sleeping, I cut out pieces for some learning games for Emily's class. Last week, her teacher sent home a note asking for volunteers to cut out some game pieces and I said I would help. The next afternoon, she sent home some laminated pieces that I cut out and returned the next day.

Then a couple days later, the teacher sent home another 6 pages of stuff that needed to be cut out. Knowing my luck, she'll have all that stuff laminated and then I'll get to cut them out all over again. I guess I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I signed up.

Printer, but does it print?

Our replacement printer was delivered this morning. I got it out of the box and got it all set up, but then I realized I was going to have to configure the wireless networking again before I can print anything. And it would help if I could find the cord. Apparently, I have more work to do.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Space Bags Update - Day 2

Space Bags Update - Day 2
Note: This is Part 3 of "Does it work? Space Bags". Click here for Part 1 or Part 2.

I checked my Space Bags this morning to see whether any of them were still compressed. As you may recall, two of the three bags were full of air yesterday morning. Well, this morning only one of the bags was full of air.

See the one on the right full of air and the other two compressed.

I noticed that the bag said I could "roll out the air" instead of using the vacuum cleaner so I tried this with the bag that has yet to stay compressed. I started at the zip top and rolled the bag down. The air did leave the bag although I am not sure how it was getting out. Very strange indeed.

The Space Bag on the right was compressed using the "rolled out" method.

I can hardly wait to check the bags in the morning to see if rolling the air out really works. If not, do you have any suggestions?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Silent Prayer Time

no image
Well, believe it or not we got another couple inches of snow today. I guess I did not watch the weather very closely this morning. I saw that Texas was getting some snow, but I did not realize it was going to affect me at all. Boy was I wrong.

This morning after I dropped off the kids at Nanny and Poppa's, I decided to go to work a different way than I went the day before. The day before, I just went and hopped on the nearby interstate to avoid the snow mess on the side roads. This meant a longer trip around the city via interstate but at least I avoided the city streets.

Today I decided to go my normal route which is to cut across a smallish, less traveled street to reach a different more direct interstate. It did not take me long to figure out that this was a bad choice.

In some spots, the road was down to one lane. Not one lane in each direction, but one lane only. At one point, I kid you not, it was one lane up a hill! I was so scared and praying a big truck did not top that hill headed right for me.

Luckily, I made it to work okay but I will probably not take that road again until spring!!!

That prayerful trip reminds me of something that happened our first day out in the snow. I was driving that morning with Emily and Noah. Emily was just wearing me out with questions. One of her favorite topics right now is what she was like when she was a baby. "Mom, when I was a baby did I smile at you?" " When I was a baby, did I wear the same pajamas as Noah? Did I have a bear suit? Did I hold my bottle when I ate? Did you change my stinky diapers?" "Mom, does Noah have teeny tiny toes?"

I was trying to keep my little car on the road and needed to concentrate. So I told Emily that we needed to have some silent prayer time. Who can argue with prayer time, right? Every time she would ask another question, I would ask her to keep praying that we would arrive safely at Nanny's.

This morning when we arrived at Nanny's, Emily said "Mom, did I do good not asking you questions today?" I said she did an excellent job and she said "and I didn't even need silent prayer time today." Ha!

File under: how to keep kids quieter in the car

Result: Success!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pre-K Halloween Party

Pre-K Halloween Party
On Friday afternoon, Emily's class had their Halloween party. I drove down from work to be with Emily at her party. I was about 10 minutes late due to traffic on the highway. Grrrr!

The kids had pizza, veggies and dip, and cookies at their party. Then they played a game where they put their hands into a tub of "goop" and try to find a centipede. If they find it, they win a prize.

When I got to the classroom, one little boy was already in time out by the door. Another one was laying face down on the floor and didn't get up the entire time I was there. One of the teachers eventually picked him up and moved him to a corner instead of the middle of the floor. I am wondering if this was typical for a day in Pre-K.

On Friday night, Mike and Emily and I went to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" in 3-D at the theater. There were not very many people at the movies that night since it was trick-or-treat night in a lot of communities around here. Emily did pretty good with keeping her 3-D glasses on during the movie.
She also ate almost a whole box of Hot Tamales!!! She really likes hot stuff like that. It does not seem to affect her very much. If it was me, I would have sucked down a large soda with it but she was fine.

I think this was the first 3-D movie I had ever seen. We all had a good time together.

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