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This weekend, I bought myself a cool new “toy”. I had been working on organizing the closet in my master bedroom. I’ve sorted a lot of “stuff” into several categories and put them into different sizes of clear plastic containers.

My new toy is a Dymo handheld label maker. It prints one or two lines of text, can use different fonts, borders, or styles. You can buy different types of “tape” to print the labels on, such as clear plastic, colored papers, and colored inks.

So I’ve labeled almost all of my plastic containers with the contents. Soon after that, I realized that I needed to label both sides of the containers in case they get turned around on the shelf as we’re using them.

I’m so proud of my closet (even though I am not finished yet). I wish I could post a picture of it. Maybe soon!


Friday 12th of September 2008

Oh my, when I was working, I loved using the label maker. I LOVE labeling everything!! Have fun getting organized.