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Girls Weekend!

Update: Emily pointed out that we didn’t get any pictures of “Grandmother” while she was here visiting us! She’s so right! We’ll do better next time.

Mom came to visit this weekend.

Her main goals:

1) Return the kitchen cabinets that Dad repaired for us (Thanks Dad!)

 Thanks Mom!

2) Watch Emily at Gymnastics

Emily in the pink shirt with her class

She was reluctant to participate at first, but she warmed up quickly.

Several of the other girls had leotards on so we had to go find Emily a leotard for next week. (I say had to because I really wanted to. They are so cute!)

And, of course, we had to get more than one.
And while we were out, we also went shopping for some accessories for our bedroom. We found a nice picture with red background for the wall above the bed.

And a picture and two “dealies” (Emily’s word) for above the chest.

And a cream colored ottoman. It has a tufted top and a storage area inside. We added the fringe trim that you see in the picture.
The trim has red and gold balls. I think it adds a special touch.
We also added the same trim to a lamp that we bought.
Here’s a better picture of the lamp with the trim at the top and bottom. We also got two pictures to go on the wall on this side of the bed. I didn’t get a good picture of them.And a picture with the lamp on.
We got another picture with a red background for the wall above the lingerie chest. Unfortunately, I dropped it while we were trying to attach it to the wall and the glass and the frame broke. I went shopping again today and purchased another picture just like this one. This picture is without the gold frame.
And last, but not least, we hung the jewelry armoire! It was not easy to get all four hooks lined up, but we did it. And it’s perpendicular AND level!
So that was our weekend. We had a fabulous time and got a lot of things done. It’s always so fun when Mom comes to visit. And she always likes to clean and organize my house (which is embarrassing! but so nice to have some help.)Love you, Mom!


Tuesday 2nd of September 2008

Thank you Joe and Teresa for helping us with our cabinet. Thanks again for our new furniture. We really appreciate it.

Love always,

Mike, Jennifer and Emily.