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Family Time

Yesterday morning, we took Emily to gymnastics. It was Teddy Bear Day and she took her stuffed elephant named Sweetheart. They got to jump on the air trampoline and did some work on the balance beams. Then they went to their small groups and worked on cartwheels and some rolls. I just wish the parents could see what they were doing in small group time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures of Emily and Sweetheart.
Then after gymnastics, Mike wanted to take us to Ted’s for lunch but Emily didn’t want to go. So we went home for lunch and then took a nap. It worked out for the best anyway. We took a long nap and then went back to Ted’s for supper.

Then this morning after church, we went with the family to Cracker Barrell for lunch. Emily threw a little tantrum because she didn’t want to sit with me. That’s becoming more and more typical these days. So she went and sat by the girls. Here they are after lunch sitting in some of the rocking chairs on the porch. The picture turned out a little dark, but they had a good time.