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Finally Friday!

For some reason, this seemed like the longest work week and I am so so so glad it’s over. We had Date Night (which should be re-labeled Family Night) tonight and went to eat some yummy fajitas at Alfredo’s.

We have no special plans for this weekend. I wanted to go see Nights in Rodanthe, but so far that’s not working out. Instead, I’ll probably lay around in bed and read Sail.

This morning at work, our group decided to organize a snack day on Monday to celebrate our boss’s birthday. Did I mention that I’m the only female in our small group? Do any of these guys know how to cook? Scary thoughts. haha So anyway, I’m trying to figure out what I can fix for snack day. I was thinking maybe sausage balls, but I don’t know what else. Does anyone have some ideas or a snack recipe that I can try?


Saturday 27th of September 2008

What kind of foods do you like? I have tons of recipes that I would be willing to share, but curious as to what your favorites would be. Let me know and I can forward some recipes.