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Mom – Daughter Day

Our day started off with breakfast … Barbie Cereal and Apple Juice. Yum!
Then we moved on to markers and stamps. Loving it!
We got out some cool coloring books and stickers.

Got to concentrate if we’re going to color inside the lines. Then we got out the PlayDoh. The green was dried out so we had to throw it away. (Check out those painted fingers!!!)
Then after a peanut butter & honey lunch, we took a bath.And then we took a nice long (2 hr!) nap and then had a snack of more Barbie cereal straight from the box! After that, I got too busy and didn’t get to take any more pictures, but we had supper at home and then went to Cubbies. Emily said her Bible verses for the night and we made Froot Loop necklaces.That’s what I call a successful day!


Friday 12th of September 2008

She is a very pretty girl and I love her smile!!