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Not Me! Monday

1) I did not loiter in the bathroom stall for several minutes this morning at work to avoid having to speak to someone I don’t particularly like.

2) I did not boot up my extra PC and pull up a spreadsheet to make myself look extra busy when the VP came through our area at work this morning.

3) I totally did not eat an ice cream sandwhich while cooking dinner tonight and waiting for my sweet family to arrive home. And I also did not hide the wrapper so that nobody would know. (Hi honey! Love you!)

Nope, not me!


As you can see, I’ve jumped on the Not Me! Monday bandwaggon started by MckMama over at My Charming Kids. I’ve been reading some of the post over at MCK and they are hilarious! I just had to post a few of my own. Go check them out for yourself! And while you’re there, read about MckMama’s son Stellan. This family is in desperate need of our prayers right now.

Joe D

Thursday 25th of September 2008

A good boss knows nobody works all-out-all-the-time anyway. Sometimes they even find distractions. :)


Tuesday 23rd of September 2008

I so use to do those things when I was working....gotta love those good ole days of trying to avoid people you don't like (hehehe). Uh yeah, about those fruit snacks, they are so freaking addicting and I can't wait for him to start liking the fruit roll ups...heck, I am just glad they still have them around. I loved those things when I was younger.