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Not Me! Monday

Not Me! Monday

I totally did not almost run over my foot with the riding lawn mower!!! I’m much too careful to do something like that. Something like that would NEVER happen to me. And Thank You God for protecting me and my little foot … since the whole foot thing never happened.

Update: Boss’s Snack Day

The snack day for my boss’s birthday turned out pretty good today. In addition to the brownies, no-bake cookies, sausage balls, 5-layer dip and chips that I brought, we also had Krispy Kreme doughnuts, chocolate cupcakes (Yum!), and pita chips and cream cheese raspberry chiptle dip. With all that good food, we all ate a lot .. all day. So I’m glad we don’t do these snack days very often.


Tuesday 30th of September 2008

I am glad you and your foot are ok. Good thing God was watching over you!!

So, bosses day sounds like alot of fun in your office. Everything that you took in sounds quite YUMMY to say the least. I love to eat and I love to try new things. I am sure your goodies were enjoyed by all. Sounds like you are a good cook. I am coming to your house for a week long visit and you can fix me all sorts of goodies... I can't wait : )