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One More Pic … and Hurricane Ike

One More Pic … and Hurricane Ike
I took a new picture of the curtains this morning. I wasn’t really happy with the way they looked when both panels were drawn closed. (I thought they looked a lot like bed sheets hanging over the window.) I like this look better; however, this lets in quite a bit of light at night. Also, I straightened the finials (or whatever you call those things) in this picture. I’m sure Mom noticed that, if nobody else did. 🙂

Tonight after work, we went to dinner with Mike’s dad. Emily requested Ted’s so that’s where we went. It was busy and we had to wait about a half hour, but the food was really good and we had a nice visit.

Hurricane Ike

The way things look right now, the remnants of Hurricane Ike will stay east of us. We have about an 80% chance of rain tomorrow, but only 50% on Sunday.

If you know Mike at all, I’m sure you know that we are watching on TV as Hurricane Ike comes ashore in South Texas. I’m fascinated by this picture of Hurricane Ike taken from the International Space Station.


Saturday 13th of September 2008

I agree - that picture taken from the Space Station is something to talk about. How neat!! I was watching the news yesterday and the storm was still 12 hours away, but to see the waves rush up and for them to be so high was amazing to see!!