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Party at Pops!

Last night, we went to Pops for Kevin’s 30-something birthday party. Pops is a restaurant/soda shop out on Route 66. They have over 500 varieties of soda pop and their building is very out-of-this-world-cool.

They have a giant lighted pop bottle out front.
And over 500 cold, refreshing varieties of soda pop inside.
Our party took up three booths in the very small restaurant.
All the girls got to sit together.Mason in his Mickey House hat!
Kim (and Duane) came down from Tulsa for the party.

The three sisters (and our wonderful waitress). Check out the goodies above the soda counter.
As we were getting ready to leave, we went out to check out the giant pop bottle. As you can see, the colors change on the pop bottle.
And Sarah and Madison came out to get their picture taken as well.And they got so excited that they started running around the base of it. They thought it was very cool.

Emily fell asleep on the way home. She must have been so tired because that’s fairly unusual for her.Will post more later!