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Pictures from Our Afternoon/Evening

After our nap this afternoon, we had to take a bath so that we could go visit Mike’s parents. I figured we would be out late so better to get our bath before we left. When we got over to Nanny’s house, Mason was there and he had been asking where Emily was.
He was wearing a “cape” (blanket) and carrying around a “wand” (straw) and he told me that he was Beast (from Beauty and the Beast.) This is him saying “I”m Beast!”I thought this picture was funny the way they were sucking down their juice. I found out later that it wasn’t juice, but tea! That explains a lot.
While Pops was grilling the burgers and dogs, Emily and I went outside to play on the swing set.

Then after we ate, Madison and Mason joined us for some outdoor fun. The moms watched the kids while the dads and grandparents watched the OU game.
We left before half-time so that Emily could go to bed. We’ve had lots of busy days lately and I see no end in sight.On one final note for the night, my PaPaw passed away one year ago today. Still miss him. Sure wish I could have been with my Mom today. Hopefully we’ll get to see her in a few weeks.


Sunday 28th of September 2008

Sorry to hear about the anniversary of your Pawpa's passing... hope you are doing ok as well as your family. Anniversary dates for those that passed away are always difficult ones. I hope God will bring you all comfort!! Did you end up going to see that movie? If you did.... I am gonna be so jealous. Let me know if you did.