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“Please don’t do that.”

Tonight, Emily and I went to Cubbies. I had five boys and girls in my class. I think Emily had more than that in her class. Our classes accidentally met in the bathroom and it was chaos.

Our verse was Genesis 1:1 – “God created the heavens and the earth.” We learned that God created the light and we made chalk drawings. We talked about what we do during the day and at night. Then we hunted bunny tails. (Scattered cotton balls in the dark room and used flash lights to find them.) Aren’t you glad that God made the light??

While we were eating our snack (oreo cookies) tonight, I was singing along with our song for the week and one of the sweet little girls looked up at me and said “Please don’t do that.” Haha, I guess she told me!!!


Thursday 25th of September 2008

That made me LOL. how funny!