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Welcome Home, Granny!

The kids’ granny and the crew got back from Walt Disney World on Saturday afternoon. We went over to visit and hear about their trip on Sunday night.

Their granny has brought lots of goodies for us.
Emily got a pretty pink umbrella with her name on it.

And Uncle Gary, Aunt Cherry, Madison and Mason got Emily a Princess watch.
Her granny bought her these little princess dolls. They have teeny tiny shoes!Granny got her a Princess Alarm Clock
And an Ariel costume, which Emily refused to put on .. and some sequined shoes to go with her costume.

Emily and Pops looking at the cards that she got at Subway earlier that night.

Pops looking at the new Scooby Doo that Emily won at the fair.Aunt Charlene and Uncle Ralph also got Emily a Minnie Mouse shirt. Her granny got her a Disney shirt and a Princess Jacket. Granny also got her a Christmas ornament and one for our family as well. It sounds like they all had a really good time and the weather cooperated too.


Tuesday 16th of September 2008

She made out like a bandit....Lucky Girl. You can tell she is loved : )