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Girls Weekend and Art Gallery

Girls Weekend and Art Gallery

This weekend, Emily and I got to spend some extra time together while Mike was out of town. We went to Gymnastics on Saturday morning and then to the library. Then we came home and did some coloring with a new Crayola Color Wonder coloring/fingerpaint set. It’s supposedly mess free and only works with Color Wonder paper. Which it was not as messy as regular markers, it was still not mess free.

This morning, we went to church. Emily wore her new pumpkin jumper with an orange bow. (Is the orange bow a subtle support for the Oklahoma State Cowboys??)

This afternoon after we got home from church, we played our new Fishing game that we bought just for this Mom/Daughter time. As you can probably tell from these pictures, it’s not as easy as it sounds. She really did try to catch some fishies, but it was pretty difficult. Can’t you just see the concentration all over her face?Anyway, we had a good weekend together. We didn’t do a whole lot, but it was still fun. I think Emily would say the same thing.

Art Gallery

As mentioned in a previous post, it was Fire Safety week at Emily’s school last week. She made a very cute puppy with some fire safety tips. She colored the fire hat and put her fingerprints on the ears.
She also made this toilet paper roll fire truck.And this morning in Sunday School, she made this pumpkin. I guess the teachers were telling her that she was a pumpkin (because of her jumper) and she didn’t like that comment too much. When I came to pick her up, she said she was NOT a pumpkin. She was a big girl named Emily.She also made this little girl with her sheep. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s colored a little too precisely to be made by a three-year-old. It has some cute cotton balls on the sheep though.


Monday 13th of October 2008

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her pumpkin dress. That is so adorable and she looks so pretty in it. The bow finished it off perfectly!!