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Girls Weekend – Playing at the Park

Girls Weekend – Playing at the Park

Sunday morning, we went to the park for a walk and some play time.

Emily was getting leaves for everybody, one person at a time.
Here’s a picture of Emily giving Stephen his leaf. We missed most of the other pictures because she kept going to the person who was trying to take pictures of her.
Stephen rode his bike over to the park.
Acting like a dork. Heather says I always have a stupid look on my face. Emily and Grandmother on the top of the jungle gym.Emily wanted to do all the activities at the play park.
What kid doesn’t like to drive the steering wheel?And “hanging out”
And crawling on this ….
Seriously … keep checking back. You are going to love some of the other pictures I have to post.


Wednesday 22nd of October 2008

Looks like you both had a GREAT time!!