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Not Me! Monday

I really can not believe that it’s Monday again … and you know what that means … “Not Me!” Monday.And just so you know, I certainly did not do these things even thought it may appear as if I did on this illustrated version of Not Me! Monday.

  • I did not let my small child climb and spin around on my sister’s coffee table. That would be just plain rude. Small children are NOT allowed to climb on the furniture and especially not in a loved one’s home.

These photos are obviously just for demonstration purposes since this never happened. (And bonus points if you can see which football team we’re rooting for in the photos below.)

  • I also did NOT let my child eat Smarties practically all the way home from my sister’s house yesterday. That’s a 3 1/2 hour trip and that would be waaaaay too many Smarties for a child to eat. That would probably cause tummy aches and rotten teeth and who knows what else. I would never do something like that just to get a little peace and quiet in the car.

This photo is a representation of the amount of candy that was NOT eaten in my car yesterday.

  • My husband did not clean the kitchen and fold three loads of laundry while we were gone this weekend! That would just be unbelievable so I’m sure it didn’t really happen. Would that be super cool if it did happen?? Yes! (Thanks honey for doing all that work.)

***********************************************************************************In case you were wondering, we had an awesome time this weekend. More details to come in this next post.Happy Monday everyone!

Ashley Griffin

Wednesday 22nd of October 2008

please share the secret with the rest of us on how to get your man to fold laundry!!!

He And Me + 3

Tuesday 21st of October 2008

Those were good ones. Holy cow batman...did she have a tummy ache. My kids love smarties too, and after a grocery shopping trip I am sure our wrappers look like that. Ugh...that would just be wrong of me huh? Tell hubby great job!


Tuesday 21st of October 2008

This was too funny, your little one is sooo cute.


Tuesday 21st of October 2008

Would you be cheering for the Arkansas Razorbacks?

Oh, I use to love turning myself around and around on a table. That was so much fun!!


Tuesday 21st of October 2008

Very funny : ). Your daughter is adorable! I don't know what team wheres red jerseys. No idea at all : ). Maybe Cardinals, but aren't they baseball?