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This evening when Mike and Emily got home, they started watching The Wizard of Oz again. By the time Emily went to bed, she had watched the whole movie again!!! This picture is from yesterday.

Check out that face! (Yes, she was eating popcorn and fruit snacks.)

Reading in Bed

Several people left comments about their kids reading in bed at night. I don’t remember reading in bed when I was a young girl (once upon a time.) But I do remember getting all my babies and stuffed animals and pretending that we were homeless on the street on a very cold night. I would only have maybe a pillowcase or a small blanket to cover myself and all of “my babies” up with to keep them warm. (Because, you know, that was all we had when we were homeless.) We would snuggle close and before I knew it, we’d all be asleep.


Emily had me laughing at the dinner table tonight. She kept telling me “Spit-spot” in a lovely British accent. We were both giggling uncontrollably. Do you know what movie “Spit-spot” is from? Post a comment if you know. First one with the correct answer wins!

Ashley Griffin

Thursday 30th of October 2008

the homeless story is hilarious!


Thursday 30th of October 2008

Mary Poppins! "hurry up/chop-chop"

I'm disqualified though...I looked it up


Tuesday 28th of October 2008

That is exactly how Cameron looks when he is watching tv. He was watching me look at your blog and I don't know how, but he saw Emily's bowl with Mickey mouse in it and went ballistic. He LOVES Mickey. I have no idea about spit spot!! She sounds like she has the cutest little personality.