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Watching Grass Grow and Other News

Tonight, Emily and I noticed that our grass was a little out of control. So we got out our little scissors and trimmed the grass back down to a reasonable length. Emily was so proud.
My grass is still a little sad looking, but at least it’s not so shaggy any more.

In Other News …

  • Emily got a Luv E. Lamb patch at Cubbies last night. Now that’s TWO patches that need to be attached to her vest. And how do I go about this task??
  • The FIRETRUCK came to visit Emily’s school today! She got a firefighter hat, a pencil and some other goodies.
  • Girls Weekend coming up! So Excited!


Friday 10th of October 2008

I can't get over Emily's grass. Looks like a little someone might be doing something more with her grass when you aren't looking (hahaha). Are you good at sewing? If you are or know someone that is then they could just sew around the edges and "VOILA" it is all taken care of. Have fun with Girls Weekend. We are off to the pumpkin patch.


Friday 10th of October 2008

How in the heck is Emily's grass taller?

I used to be in Awanas way back when. I think my Mom taught Cubbies at one point. I remember the patches! I think they would iron on and then my mom would sew them just in case. good times! haha