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Bears, Yellow Flowers and the Alphabet


This past week at preschool, Emily has been learning about bears. This is the brown bear picture that she painted.

And this is the coffee bear that she made. Yeah, I don’t know what a coffee bear is either. (Except that he has coffee grounds glued to his belly.) I was just tickled that kids these days still make crafts with gold brads!

Yellow Flowers

This morning when we got home from gymnastics, Emily picked me this yellow flower that was growing in the yard. Isn’t it beautiful??

The Alphabet

And then before she took her nap this afternoon, she wrote her name for me. Do ya see it??? I was so impressed!

Now we’re playing with Play-Doh while Dad is watching the OU game. What a fun afternoon.

Ashley Griffin

Sunday 9th of November 2008

I just went back and read the numbers post and I loved it!! Really good... and as for the pillows, they ARe Christmas pillows so they definitely won't be put out until then. I don't know. Wanna see a pic of them before?


Sunday 9th of November 2008

Aww, thanks for sharing the pictures.. I bet she loves art time. She did a really great job writing her name too!! YAY EMILY.