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Emily’s Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Emily’s Thanksgiving Feast at preschool. Her class was the Indians and another class was the Pilgrims. They all came together for a nice Thanksgiving Feast, provided by the parents.

They had all kinds of good food. Emily’s Nanny made petite pumpkin pies with Cool Whip for the class.
This is Jackson .. one of Emily’s classmates and one of my Cubbies kids.
Quite a few parents came to help out with the party

We had a room full of fun.

Emily said this little guy’s name is Grant. He was running around the table after he got done eating. Yes, the lady in the green shirt is the teacher and she was telling him to stop. Slightly too slow, obviously. If you’re Grant’s mom, this is pretty much what he was doing after lunch. Don’t worry, I don’t think Grant’s mom will be reading my blog any time soon.
This little girl in green was twirling around in circles … the other little boy in the background played the piano for us. In other words, it was a really nice party.


Saturday 22nd of November 2008

That looks like fun!! I could go for one of this little pies with cool whip (YUMMY). I remember Thanksgiving Feast time when I was younger. We use to make little hats and dress up like pilgrims and have all sorts of food... Oh, I can't wait for Thanksgiving Day!!