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Happy Birthday Madison!

Tonight, we celebrated Madison’s 9th birthday at Mazzios pizza. It was buffet night and the place was totally packed! There were even people standing around waiting for tables and the manager brought a bench from the lobby to one of the tables to give people more places to sit. Our party of about 20 people had enough tables, but we were split up. Half of us sat near the front of the restaurant and the others had to sit in the back. We still had a good time visiting with everyone though.

We got Madison a box set of Boxcar Children books and a book light. I think she will enjoy the books. I remember reading those books when I was a kid and I saw that they are still writing more books in the series.

The three girls had a good time tonight, as usual. They seem to like to copycat each other. Seeing them together is almost like a stairstep effect because they are all about three years apart. Madison just turned 9, Sarah just turned 6 and Emily is 3. They are fun to watch.

Well, here are some pictures from tonight. The boys are Madison’s cousins on the other side. They also have a four-month-old brother who is not pictured. He was being very sweet though. Just sat in the stroller kicking his feet and sucking on his tongue.