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Hamburger Cookies

Updated: Emily and I were looking at my blog and she said the picture of her artwork was a TREE! I see it now .. a tree with fall leaves. Beautiful!

Last night, I made some cookies for my sweet friend, Karen. She asked for hamburger cookies for her grandkids, but I also made her some no-bake cookies because I know she loves them! She was very excited! She’s a blog reader so I told her she was going to have to come on here and post a comment and let us know if they are good or not. But let me just say .. they ARE good. I hope her grandkids like them too.

And, of course, I have to show off Emily’s latest art projects from school. This fall squirrel with leaf tail.

And this fall … artwork.

Tomorrow, Emily and I are going to a tea party for her cousin Sarah’s birthday. She’s going to be six years old I think. She got her an awesome Barbie guitar. I kinda worry when I buy a child a toy that makes noise or with lots of small annoying pieces. I think a lot of parents remember what you bought for their child and get your child something just as annoying or moreso, if possible. I will admit that the sound of this guitar has the potential to be very annoying, but I think she will like it.


Saturday 15th of November 2008

Ok, those hamburger cookies are too cute and I have never seen them before or tasted them so you gotta post the recipe. I love it when you share Emily's artwork. She is such the artist!! Did you make your photobook through Snapfish yet? They are extending the offer til next weekend (I believe).