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Not Me! Monday

  • I did not walk in to work using my child’s Dora The Explorer umbrella this morning because I could not find mine and it was raining cats and dogs outside. I would be waaaaaay too embarrassed to be seen at work with a bright pink umbrella like that.
  • My child did not put stickers on her dad’s jacket and then let him wear it to work. Of course, I have told her 100 times that she can ONLY put stickers on her own paper.
  • The waitress at our favorite Chinese restaurant did NOT tell us what we were going to order for our meals and drinks before we even said anything. We have obviously been going there too much lately and we obviously won’t be going back any time soon. Check please!
  • Deep down, I do not think that all Ice Cream Truck drivers are child molesters or serial killers. I do not cringe and run into the house whenever I see them or hear their creepy music. (I apologize if this offends anyone. If there are any nice and decent ice cream truck drivers out there, I am SURE I would like to know about it.) I was going to add this to the 15 Random Things About Me, but I decided against it.


Tuesday 11th of November 2008

ohhh are there is such things as adult umbrella's... ;-)

Marner Family

Tuesday 11th of November 2008

I walked into my hair salon with my son's spiderman umbrella ... so not funny when a few elite customers looked at me like I had a screw loose! Better than walking in wet! I would do it again. -b


Monday 10th of November 2008

I can't say I understand the umbrella thing. What if you didn't have one with you at all? The worst that happens is you get wet.


Monday 10th of November 2008

Now you know that you are probably not the only one that has used their child's umbrella before. I can totally see you hopping over top of puddles and dodging rain drops while holding the Dora umbrella. I bet that was funny!! Oh and I am so not too fond of ice cream trucks either (freaky).


Monday 10th of November 2008

I always get a creepy vibe from ice cream trucks too! I won't ever let my kiddos go to them alone!!