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A note from Emily to Grandmother and Grandaddy

Hi Grandmother and Grandaddy!!!

Thank you sooooooooooo much for the Halloween present. I got it in the mail last night. I couldn’t wait to open the box.
see what’s inside ….
I looooved the stickers and of course the pumpkin flashlight!!!
And you knew I would love this book. Reading is one of my favorite things! When I come to your house for Thanksgiving, I’ll bring it so that I can read it to you. You’re going to looooove opening all the flaps and seeing what’s inside.
I opened my socks immediately. Did you know that they light up?!?

And I got one of my favorite things! Fruit snacks!!!! I couldn’t believe how many fruit snacks were in the box! I wanted to eat them all right then!

But Mom didn’t let me. She did read this sweet card to me though …
And I love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Halloween from our family to yours. Pictures tomorrow.


Monday 3rd of November 2008

WOW!! What a nice care package. Aren't Grandparents just the best people? They always hold the family together and they are always giving you such great goodies. Sounds like they really know how to put a care package together...socks, fruit snacks, and books oh my!! It even looks like there are some goldfish crackers in that box too (Yummy).