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Prayer Request for FIL and “Tidbits”

I’m coming to you guys with a prayer request tonight for my father-in-law. He went to the doctor today and found out that he has pneumonia. He’s been sick a lot this fall and just can’t seem to get over this “mess”. So please lift him up in your prayers tonight


  • I got my hair cut this afternoon and it’s SHORT. Well, my hair is always short but it’s shorter than usual. My stylist was cracking me up with a story about how she wished she had long hair and what she would do with it. We won’t go there on this wholesome blog.
  • I was outside watering my fall flowers this afternoon and the mail carrier drove all the way up to our house to deliver a package. By “all the way” I mean he literally drove up into our yard and pulled right up beside me. He never comes up to our house! If it doesn’t fit in the mailbox, he either leaves it on the side of the road beside the mailbox or takes it back to the post office.
  • I was totally excited to see that my cuz Martha posted a comment on my blog the other day! I totally didn’t even know she was reading it. I hope to be able to see her family and the new grandbaby this weekend when we’re “home” for Thanksgiving!!
  • I hurt my car this morning on my way to work. D’Oh! I hate that! Don’t worry, nobody was hurt.


Friday 28th of November 2008

How do you make a point of the haircut and not show before/after?

Just teasing, but your readers are curious now!


Wednesday 26th of November 2008

Glad to hear that you are safe after you car accident. Sorry to hear that your car got hurt. I will keep your FIL in my prayers. I can't believe your postal carrier just leaves large packages out by the street at times (WOW). Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving...I am preparing mine and freaking out because Mr. Turkey still seems to be pretty frozen and he has been so called "defrosting for 3 days already". UGHH