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Sweet Treats

This weekend, I did all my cooking for Thanksgiving.

I always make some awesome homemade cracker jacks. They are sooooooo buttery and yummy. Emily was a bit fascinated by the popcorn air popper. I used like three batches of popcorn so she got to check it out quite a bit. (You’ll have to excuse all the junk on the counter in this picture!)

And here are the cracker jacks cooling on the table. Mike says they “talk” when they come out of the oven.I made soooo much popcorn. It covered the dining table and filled four gallon size zip lock bags. Yum! Look Dad! This is what I’m bringing to your house!I also made some white chocolate covered pretzels at Mike’s request. I usually make these at Christmas, but … I “sacrificed” and made them early. I was going to make something else, but oh well. Boy are they tasty!Sweet or not, what’s your favorite dish at Thanksgiving? My favorite dish is sweet potatoes … prepared any way .. with marshmallows or without, candied or not, pecans on top or not … in a pie, on a plate or in a bowl. Yummy yummy yummy!


Tuesday 25th of November 2008

OMG - Looks at all of these tasty sweet things make me hungry especially since I haven't even had breakfast yet. Oh YUMMY!!! I love sweet potato casserole, but an all time favorite for me that we have had in our family for so long is cracker dressing. Oh yummy and then of course pumpkin pie with LOTS of cool whip.