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A Christmas Dress and a Delicious Cake

A Christmas Dress and a Delicious Cake

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This morning, we went to church. Emily wore her (other) Christmas dress. I never know the proper protocol for holiday-wear. Is it the Sunday before the holiday or the Sunday nearest the holiday? Anyway, this is a picture of Emily in her Christmas dress. It has an empire waist and a fairly long skirt on it.

After church, we went to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate my birthday with Mike’s family.

My cake was soooooooo yummy. It was a marble cake with lots of buttercream frosting. Mike did GOOD on this one! And .. even better .. we have plenty of leftovers. :)Anyway, we all had a good time visiting and celebrating at lunch.


Monday 22nd of December 2008

I was thinking the same thing at church this morning about which Sunday is it that you're supposed to dress up for. If you find out let me know! hahaI love your cake!Looks like you had a good celebration