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Emily’s Christmas Party

Yesterday, I went to Emily’s Christmas Party at her preschool. Everyone brought something for the lunch. They had lots of good food.

Finger PB&J’s, chips, veggies and dip, fresh fruit, Christmas tree cakes, fruit snacks, CapriSun to drink, etc …

All her friends were there … Gracie, Emily, Jackson and Grant. Her teachers, Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Edith.

More of her friends … Lundyn and her mom and Jackson.

Overheard in the car today …

Emily: “Daddy, don’t let Santa Claus take my Mama’s jewelry.”
Daddy: “Santa won’t take Mama’s jewelry.”
Emily: “Daddy, don’t let him take it. It’s my Mama’s jewelry.”
Daddy: “Santa doesn’t steal. He won’t take Mama’s jewelry. He’ll just come to our house and put our presents under the tree and then leave.”
Emily: “Don’t let him take Mama’s jewelry, Daddy”
Daddy: “Okay, I won’t let him take it.”

Miss Slick One

Sunday 21st of December 2008

She must have overheard something, or had a dream about the jewelry... how protective! :)In the first pic of her, except for her brown eyes, she looks EXACTLY like my friend's 6 yr old daughter Sierra!Have a wonderful Christmas! :)Phyllis


Sunday 21st of December 2008

I love that smile in that 1st picture. Sounds like you all had a great time at the party and so tasty kid food too!!