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Emily’s Christmas Program

Update #4: I also uploaded a new “White Christmas” video on the post from earlier this week. Click here to go see it. (The second video on that post is the new one.)

Update #3: A couple pictures posted at the bottom.

Update #2: Wait! I found a fourth video! It’s also posted below. 🙂

Update #1: Revised to all ALL THREE videos are posted now.

We went to Emily’s Christmas Program last night at her preschool. The kids all did really good. I got several short videos of her group, but I’m STILL having a hard time uploading them. I re-started the video recording every 30 seconds, but I guess the file size is still too large. *disappointed*

Okay the videos are posted now. Emily is the third little girl from the left with the dress that’s black on top and white on bottom with a red bow. The little girl to the left of Emily is her “best friend” Lundyn. The boy to the right of Emily is one of our Cubbies kids, Jackson.

I also got a couple pictures from last night.


Saturday 20th of December 2008

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!


Friday 19th of December 2008

She looks BEAUTIFUL and she looks like she had so much fun. I love her dress and that smile at the very end of the video. What a precious little girl you have there. You just wanna squeeze her : )