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Getting Settled

Mom and Emily and I are staying with Heather and Stephen this weekend. We’re going to help them get unpacked and settled into their new house. We’ve already gotten started on the kitchen. Their dishwasher takes sooooo long to wash a load so we’re keeping it running a bunch.

I need to sneak some before and after pictures of one of the spare bedrooms. Our goal is to get that room unpacked and organized enough that I can sleep in there tomorrow night instead of on the couch. I’ve slept on Heather’s couch before so I know I’ll sleep fine. Actually, I might have the better deal since Grandmother has Emily sleeping in her room. Oh, and did I mention that we forgot Emily’s doll Stephanie? Yep, Stephanie is spending the weekend with Nanny. Emily was upset when she first realized that Stephanie wasn’t with us in the car, but she went to sleep fine without her tonight. Whew! Disaster avoided.

I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

To Mike: I hope you’re staying out of the present closet while we’re gone. Santa is watching!