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Tree Trimmings

Since so many of you asked about the weird black tracks in the picture of our Christmas tree in the post earlier this week …

Okay so maybe nobody asked about it, but surely some of you were at least a little bit curious?

Well the tracks are for our new Christmas Train. It was a total pain to get the tracks up into the tree, but the train is really cute. Emily likes to run it around the tracks every night.

Here’s another picture of the train engine and the cars.

And this is an ice cream cone ornament that Emily picked out. It’s very pretty and glittery.

The ornament on the right is one of my new snowman ornaments. The one on the left is Emily’s first Christmas ornament. It has a little memory booklet inside it that is completely blank. 😉 As usual. 😉
We also have a whole set of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ornaments. This is the little Rudolph ornament.
We have lots of other ornaments, but those are the ones featured tonight. You’ll have to stay tuned to see more of our Christmas decorations.

Until next time …


Friday 12th of December 2008

I love the train. I looked (apparently not very hard) for a train but didn't find one this year.


Friday 12th of December 2008

Ok, Ok, I admit that I was curious about that, but thought it was something that Emily had to put up in the tree (lol). What a neat idea to have the train up in the tree. Thanks for sharing your tree and ornaments with us. It was fun taking a tour!!