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Cubbies Update

Emily and I went back to Cubbies tonight. We missed last week because I wasn’t feeling good so it was good to be back.

It looked like Emily had a full class. She was glad to have her teacher “Mrs. Jennifer” back this week. Emily was telling me all about Mrs. Jennifer, how “she didn’t have her baby any more” and “her daddy” stayed home with her baby. I think she was really interested in all her teacher’s business.

My class was bigger this week. We had two little girls to make a total of five. The new girls did really well. They just got right into the swing of things and were very sweet. When the mom and dad of one of the new girls dropped her off, they came into the room and talked to us a bit about what we do in class. The little girl was off playing and talking to us and the dad finally told the mom to “just walk away” and she would be fine. And the mom said “well, I want her to miss me!”

I also found out tonight that Emily’s “best friend” at her preschool will be leaving. Her last day is tomorrow. She’s going to be starting a full day preschool. I’m not sure how to talk to Emily about it. I guess I’ll wait until she gets home from school tomorrow and see if Emily says anything about it. I’m glad the other mom said something to me about it so that I would be prepared to discuss it. The girls will still see each other at Sunday School and at Cubbies so that is good.

It’s supposed to turn very cold here tomorrow. I hope we are ready!