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Laptops and Legs

This evening, Emily sat down next to me to “work” on her laptop for a bit. She’s got several games that she likes to play on there. She asks me what number to push to get to certain games, but sometimes I don’t know what she’s talking about. Tonight, she was asking me what number to push to get to “cup”. Uhhh, no idea on that one.

I really like this little Vtech laptop because it has a mouse with it, but the mouse doesn’t move all over. It only moves a big side to side and front to back. Much easier for little ones to get the hang of using the mouse without getting frustrated. The only thing that I don’t like is that it has a “10” key and no “0” key.

And notice Emily’s pants. Yep, she’s got her pants pushed up to her knees and then pink pantyhose over her pants. Lovely!!!!


Friday 16th of January 2009

Love her little computer and her new style with the pants and tights is quite lovely (lol)