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Birthday Celebration #1

Birthday Celebration #1

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In this family, you get multiple birthday celebrations. Birthday boy’s first party was tonight. He requested Sonic for supper. (I was going to fix BBQ, but he had BBQ for lunch at work today.)

When we drove up at Sonic, most of the drive-in stalls were filled with fancy classic cars. There was a shiny cherry red Mustang, several old Chevys, a couple Belvederes, a red Corvette, and a Falcon to name a few. I wished I had my camera so that I could take pictures of some of the cars! Why is it that I never have my camera with me when I need it??

Then we went home and ate some strawberry cake that I baked this morning before work! It was really moist and tasty. Lots of ooooey gooey icing. After cake (and singing – off key singing), he opened his presents from Emily and me and the card from his parents.