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Weekend Projects and Certainly Not Me!

Weekend Projects and Certainly Not Me!

This weekend – unlike most other weekends – I set a couple goals for myself. These were things that needed to be done and SHOULD have been done a long time ago. One of them is a “Not Me!” that I was too embarrassed to post until it was fixed. Okay okay .. I will admit it! BOTH of them are “Not Me!”-worthy. Both of them should have been fixed a long time ago.

I took some Before and After pictures to explain. “Before” pics were taken on Friday and the “After” pics were taken today.

Emily’s Sleeping Beauty Vanity set

Vanity set – Before

Vanity set – After

This Vanity set was a 45 minute project! It had soooo many parts and so many stickers and decals. And after everything was said and done, I still had one little screw left over. Bummer.I did not wait over three weeks to assemble one of Emily’s Christmas presents. What kind of parent would do? That would be like torture to a little kid, especially when the box has been sitting in the living room the entire time.Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree – Before
Christmas Tree – After

This was an all evening project! Taking down the tree was the easy part in this project. Getting all the ornaments back into the boxes and getting everything back into the closet was the real challenge. While we were putting everything away, I predicted that I would find something I missed just as soon as the last box was tucked safely into the closet. (As usual) I was right! And (of course) there is no extra room in any of the storage boxes. Bummer.I did not leave my Christmas tree up until January 18th! Who would do something like that? I don’t know, but it’s certainly not me!


Tuesday 20th of January 2009

My tree is down, but my house still has lights. You know why? Because I'm in charge of the indoor decorations and my husband is in charge of the outdoors.


Monday 19th of January 2009

Oh, I'm sure your daughter loved her new vanity!!

LOL about the tree! Sometimes they're too pretty to take down, huh?