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What am I?

  • I am a a bird.
  • I can fly, but I usually don’t.
  • I like to eat insects, lizards, small birds, eggs, fruit, berries, nuts. (I’m an omnivore.)

  • I’m a fast bird. I’m so fast that an ISP is named after me!
  • Seriously, I can run up to 15 mph.

  • I build my nest out of sticks. I usually put it in a low tree or bush.
  • I make a dove-like “coo” sound that is slow and descending.
  • Sometimes I make a rapid clattering sound with my mandibles .. meep! meep!

What am I?

And a Tidbit …

And I just couldn’t resist … a picture of Emily from lunch today at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
The waiter played a little trick on her.
We were ordering our drinks and I said she wanted a Sprite. She said “and not water!” So when the waiter brought our drinks, he sat our glasses down and said “An iced tea, a diet coke … and a water for you.” She just kinda looked down and softly said “I didn’t want water.” I said “You didn’t? You better take a drink.” She took a drink and said “It IS Sprite!”


Sunday 4th of January 2009

meep, meep makes me think it is a roadrunner.

Totally loving the picture and story about Emily. She is SO cute!!