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Wii Love to Play

I think I mentioned this before, but we got a Wii for Christmas. We usually play games several nights a week and then on the weekends.

I like to do step aerobics on the Wii Fit. Emily likes it too. She says she wants to play the “step on, step off” game. I have tried some of the yoga poses, but .. uhhh .. some of them are kinda weird and I’m not too good at that part.

We also like several of the games on Wii Play. Emily likes fishing and shooting and the cow racing game. I don’t think Mike likes playing shooting with me very much because I always win that one. He likes the laser hockey though. He’s pretty good. He goes for the aggressive moves and I just sit back and wait for him to sink the puck into his own goal for me. hehe

I like the games where we can play together. Bowling is fun, but I like the Wii Play games that we can play at the same time.

I looked at some games online the other night. I think Dance Dance Revolution looks like a lot of fun. Have any of you ever played it? What other Wii games do you enjoy?


Wednesday 14th of January 2009

I tried my mother in laws wii fit and I didn't like it at first. I heard from a friend that someone she knows lost 30 lbs from it. so maybe I should reconsider trying it again!

Oh, and I have dance dance revolution (my mother in law got it for me for christmas) for the xbox and I didn't like it the first few times I tried. My board was too sensitive and would select stuff I didn't tell it too.

There's also a "dancing with the stars" game for wii and I've heard that is fun too


Wednesday 14th of January 2009

I so want a Wii... I have heard from other friends that Dance Dance Revolution is lots of fun.