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Wile E. Coyote’s Nemesis

So you guessed it
This fine feathered friend is a Roadrunner.
This one (no, I don’t really know that it’s always the same one) likes to hang out in our yard. When Mike came home the other day, this little guy was by the swingset. When I got home, he was out closer to the driveway I snapped this picture from the car. I’d been trying to get a picture of him for a couple weeks, but … uhhh .. they’re pretty fast, ya know.

Just so ya know …I’ve got a yucky chest cold. It’s been hanging around since Friday and my voice is pretty much gone at this point. Uggh! At least it waited until after the holidays, but it could not have come at a worse time as far as work is concerned. I was training a helper at work this afternoon and I could not quit coughing. I felt sooo bad.
And poor Emily …The other night, I was telling Emily that her teeth looked bigger. For some reason, that really upset her. I tried to make it better by telling her that it was okay because her head was getting bigger too. She didn’t want to hear that at all!! I decided to stop while I was ahead, but really .. I think her teeth are getting bigger. This is not a great picture, but what do you think?


Wednesday 7th of January 2009

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling good.

Ah yeah, it does look like she is getting bigger teeth, but she is getting older, but doesn't sound like you should tell her that (lol).

Pretty neat that you have a Road Runner in your yard...