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Be Mine, Valentine!

Last night when we got home, Emily opened all her goody bags from her school party and her gift from Nanny and Pops. Here are some pictures of Emily with her gifts. She took a nap with her new pink frog this afternoon and I think we’re going to watch her new movie later tonight.

Package from Grandmother and Grandaddy

Then after gymnatics this morning, we came home to find a package from Grandmother and Grandaddy in the mailbox. Emily wanted to open it immediately, but we had to wait until we put all the groceries away. (And checkout Emily’s outfit in these pictures. She’s wearing her new gymnastics leotard, which is a hand-me-down from Madison. She loves it!)

The card was singing a Dora song. She thought that was very funny.

We’re going to love playing with these stickers.

A Thank You video for Grandmother and Grandaddy
Sweet Dreams
Mike got me this HUGE box of Russell Stover chocolates. He’s gotten me chocolates for Valentines Day every year since I’ve known him. He did good, didn’t he? I love you, Mike!

Nanny and Poppa

Monday 16th of February 2009

Hey Emily, you need to share that big of stickers with Nanny.


Saturday 14th of February 2009

WOW - That is a BIG box of chocolates. Shawn bought me Nights in Rodanthe so we are watching that tonight. I can't wait!! I will let you know how it is - Happy Valentine's Day!!