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Heather update and Kids Say …

I wanted to give all you prayer warriors an update on my friend Heather. She made it through the surgery fine, but she’s still in the hospital. While they were performing the surgery, they found tumors in other places besides her ovaries. The cancer appears to be contained to her lower abdomen though. She’ll start chemotherapy in a few weeks.

Her husband has set up a Caringbridge page for her. He wants at least 100 people to sign the guestbook before she gets out of the hospital later this week. It think they are well over the 100 mark, but it never hurts to add a few more. So if you’re so inclined, please visit her site at and let her know you’re praying for her. I’ve also linked her website on my blog list on the right side of my blog.

Kids say …

This weekend on the way to gymnastics, Emily asked me what I did when I was a little girl. I told her about playing in the woods, fishing, playing in the sandbox, playing school, Barbies, dolls.

Me: And when I got older, I got a little sister and I would help my mom with her. I would play with her and talk to her and I would give her toys and bring my mom diapers for her.

Emily: Mama! Aunt Heather used to wear diapers???

Me: Yes, she did when she was a baby.

Emily: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Did you used to wear diapers too??

Me: Yep, I wore diapers too.

Emily: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! What about Daddy??

Me: Yes! Daddy too!

Emily: *squeals* What about Poppa? Did Poppa used to wear diapers???

Me: Yes! Poppa too! (Side conversation between me and Mike about what they may have used for diapers waaaaaaaaay back in the day.)

Emily: Hahahaha!! What about Uncle Gary and Aunt Cherry??? Madison? Tyler? Grandaddy??? Grandmother??????? Ahahahahahahahaha!!!

Me: Yes, everyone wore diapers when they were babies.

And so it went from there … screaming and shrieking and laughing all the way to gymnastics. Aren’t you all glad that she got a kick out of the idea of you wearing diapers?

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