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Interstate Madness and Kids say …

A couple weeks ago, a four-lane stretch of the eastbound I-40 “Crosstown” was re-paved. Instead of painting the lane stripes, they put down those little reflective strips that stick up a bit? Do you know the ones I’m talking about?

Well … last week when we had all the icy weather, all those little strips that were dividing the lanes went away. I don’t know if it was because of the snow plows or just the sand/salt mixture, but they were just totally gone! Four lanes of cars not knowing where their lanes begin and end … that’s what I call interstate madness!

Kids say …

This weekend, Emily was playing in the living room. I told her to stop doing something and she told me “No”. I called her on it and she said “I didn’t tell you ‘no’, Mom. I was talking to Stephanie (her doll)!” Haha!

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Wednesday 4th of February 2009

I can imagine driving on an interstate with no lines. Oh - that would be one big mess!!

As goes for Emily... TOO CUTE!! Fast thinking on her part. What a smart girl you have there.