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Lots of Little Cubbies

We had 7 little Cubbies in our class tonight. That’s a record high for us! Two of them were new to our class. We were really excited to have them.

We used up a whole bag of cotton balls for our project – making sheep pictures – and we only spilled like three cups of water at snack time. In other words, it was a GOOD night!

I find that as our class gets bigger, it’s more important for us to make the kids behave. When we only had two or three kids, it was not such a big deal if one of them wanted to lay down during story time. But now that kind of stuff is really disruptive to the other kids. I find myself giving the kids “the look” to let them know that I’m serious. No more Ms. Nice-Teacher now!!!

Emily said she had fun at Cubbies tonight too. Her favorite teacher – Ms Jennifer – was there tonight. I think she’s getting better at going into her class when it’s time. When Cubbies first started, I’d more or less have to push her into the room but now she just walks in.