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Wii Had Fun This Weekend

Wii Had Fun This Weekend

Last night, we went over to Mike’s parents’ house to show them some of our Wii games.

I think they were a little surprised at how far video games had come. As you can see from the pictures below, we all had a good time.
Mike’s dad playing bowling .. or something

Mike’s mom on the Wii Fit … Ski Jump, anyone?
Mike laughing at/with his parents
Emily being silly

Emily borrowing someone else’s shoes
A new Cheddars restaurant opened near us last week. We went to check it out for lunch on Saturday. It’s a really nice place and their food was really tasty. I figured out really quickly that none of the food is good for you at that place though. I had the Monte Cristo sandwich … aka “the ham and cheese funnel cake”. Obviously not a health food. But I shared it with my small child so that makes it all better. Right? Riiiight!

It was such a beautiful day in Oklahoma today. This afternoon, Emily and I got out and worked in the yard a bit. We worked on cleaning out one of the flower beds and planted some of the 80 daffodil bulbs that I bought a few months ago. Going to have to get out my bulb planter to help with the rest of them. There are just too many of them to do by hand. (And yes, I do realize it’s really too late to plant daffodils and they probably won’t bloom this year. If they just survive and bloom next year, I will be happy.)

Emily is so funny. She’s really into doing EXACTLY what I do these days. If I’m digging, she wants her own shovel. She wants to wear her gardening gloves just like me and help me hold the water hose and anything else I do. She helped me plant the bulbs. I dug the holes and her job was to put the bulbs in. She knows that the big end goes in the hole first and the small end should be pointing up. And then you fill the dirt back into the hole (and sometimes STOMP them for good measure!) 🙂 … Just like Mom.


Monday 9th of February 2009

Yes us Okies had GREAT weather this weekend! A little windy but so much better than that ice it is ridiculous! I started to clean the yard but decided I had to clean inside first!


Monday 9th of February 2009

Looks like you had fun. Talking about flowers gets me so ready for spring time. Oh - I can't wait!!