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A Beautiful Weekend

It was a gorgeous weekend weather-wise. The days were warm. Saturday was windy, but Sunday was mild and sunny. We even broke out our summery clothes.

We worked on a lot of projects around the house, did some shopping, went to gymnastics.

Today for lunch, we went to Texas Roadhouse and had some really good food. We caught Emily eating “buttered peanuts” and “ranch-covered peanuts”. Yuck!

If you notice, she sat in the booth by her dad today. That’s VERY unusual for us. She normally sits by me. I asked her if she wanted to sit by Dad and she agreed!

That’s what I call “Progress.”

We worked in the yard quite a bit this weekend. I bought some Preen weed preventer and put that down in my flowerbeds. I used this last year and it worked well. Now if I could just find something that would get rid of all the grass in my flowerbed!

We also bought an electric string trimmer. It’s lightweight and a lot easier for me to manage than the old gas-powered weedeater. I used it quite a bit and it works well. I still have lots more to do though.

I’m just wishing that I could stay home from work tomorrow to get more accomplished at home!


Monday 9th of March 2009

I went out in the nice weather this weekend and looked at my flowerbeds. I need to cut out some grass too. I used Preen one year, but wasn't completely sold on it.

I am just anxious to see all of my daylillies.