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Hey, hey Mr. Policeman

Last night, we stopped by our favorite Mexican restaurant before Cubbies. Emily and I shared the chicken fajitas. As usual, she was playing with her food and being a little loud and dropping things on the floor. Nothing too bad, just constant “put that down”, “don’t do that”, “turn around right”.

So we’re almost finished eating and a policeman walked in and sat down at the table right next to us! Emily immediately stopped talking and sat up in her chair. She wanted to hold my hand and leaned over and said “I love you, Mom.” Mike and I were trying not to laugh out loud about her immediate change of attitude.

Mike told her that she better eat and she immediately picked up her fork and began eating. Who knew that something like that was such a good motivator?

Now … how can I carry a policeman with me wherever we go?


Friday 13th of March 2009

too funny! =)