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I can’t watch

I don’t think I can watch Part 2 of The Bachelor After the Final Rose tonight. Last night’s show was just brutal and I felt like some of it was unrealistic and not genuine.

I did want to clarify that I am not upset with who Jason Mesnick ultimately picked. I liked Melissa just fine, but I like Mollie too. Now .. let me just say .. that I don’t believe for a second that they were “just talking” in the tent that night and I think that’s really wrong. But other than some things like that, they seem like nice girls. I liked Jillian too. I think they will bring her back as the next Bachelorette.

Again, I’m not upset with who Jason picked, but I am upset with the way some things were handled on the After the Final Rose show last night. I appreciate the fact that ABC got rid of the audience, but I truly feel that a painful breakup like that should not have been televised. And I don’t think Jason and Mollie should have been making out just a few minutes after he broke up with Melissa.

I feel bad for Melissa. She seems like a nice girl and I hope she finds a good Christian guy who makes her happy. After all that she has been through with this show, I hope she finds her happily ever after.

I feel bad for Jason Mesnick. I think he’s searching for something that’s missing in his life. And I don’t think he’s going to find it in any girl that he meets. Only God can fill that void. Can I get an AMEN?

Well, I must say that it’s a bit sad that I’ve had to resort to blogging about reality television. I like so many of the reality shows …. Big Brother, Dancing With the Stars, The Apprentice, Amazing Race. Some of them are like a bad train wreck, but it’s so hard to turn away. And so I watch … but in my own defense, there are only one or two shows that I try not to miss. Most of the shows I’ll watch if I’m home and the TV’s available. But there are a couple that I make a point to be home and I’ll “schedule” TV time to watch the shows.

Do you watch reality TV shows? Which ones are your favorites?


Wednesday 4th of March 2009

I must admit that I was disappointed in the Bachelor as well. I have heard that it was all staged from the beginning. That it was in his contract that he had to break up with a his gal that he picked on national television. I knew this would happen because I saw it on the net in a spoiler. I am just irritated that ABC would do that for ratings (ya know). I just always thought that Melissa would be a better Mom for Ty or maybe I should say mesh a little bit better with him then Molly would.

The good news is that Jillian is going to be the next Bachelorette because they announced that last night : )


Wednesday 4th of March 2009

Yeah Shawn Johnson is so cute. I'll bet she's a pretty good dancer too.

I'm kinda worried about seeing Ty Murray on Dancing with the Stars. I hope he's not as bad as Billy Ray Cyrus.

It will be interesting to see who come out as an early favorite on that show.


Wednesday 4th of March 2009

AMEN for sure!! I totally agree that what he needs he's not going to find in a lady.

After this season, I don't know how much Bachelor I'll be watching. And it's practically one of the only shows I ever actually watch. I'm bummed that they had to resort to such messed up tactics just for ratings.

I did see the preview of dancing with the stars and it has the little gymnast (Shane something) so I might have to watch that!!