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I’m so happy and I’m so mad!


I’m happy about my 7th wedding anniversary with Mike. We had a great evening out to dinner with the family. I did take some pictures, but I haven’t had a chance to upload them yet because ….. tonight is the season finale of The Bachelor!


I’m so mad about how The Bachelor ended. I just think it’s a disgusting thing to do to someone. I really can’t believe it. And if ABC set this whole thing up, then that’s even worse. Shame on Jason Mesnick. Shame on ABC.

What do you think about the ending? Am I the only one who’s blown away by this?

Thanks, Kerri, for the insider tips! If I was sitting here watching this without a clue, I would be just furious! Funny how TV can bring out such emotions, isn’t it?


Tuesday 3rd of March 2009

Well get ready for damage control tonight!! Pathetic. Have you read today? It basically says everything I think and even has more insider info that claims Molly was in on it to an extent and knew what was going on. sickening.

On the other hand, congrats on the anniversary! has it really been seven?!


Tuesday 3rd of March 2009

OMGosh, I am so mad!! He seemed so happy with her & I personally think that she was better w/ Ty then Molly was. I think I would've have been less upset if he would've picked DeAnna , but he picked Molly. URGH!!!!!