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Peppy Pinks

Last night, we had 7 kids in our peppy pink Cubbies class. The other two teachers were out so I had a teenage helper. At first, I was a little concerned about having our largest class so far and only a teenager in there to help, but it was all for nothing. She really was a big help. Kids have so much more energy than adults.

We talked about how Jesus took the 5 loaves of bread and two fish and fed 5000 people. We had goldfish crackers for our snack and made picures with fish stickers. Nanny helped out in Emily’s class since one of her regular teachers was out. It looked like the had a big group.

One of the little boys in our class is now missing his two front teeth! He said he tripped on something and hit his mouth. I thought he was saying that he tripped on the dog walker .. or the dog doctor .. or .. something. I really couldn’t understand what he was saying. He kinda talks funny without his two front teeth. He’s only three .. how long will he have to go without front teeth? Will his permanent teeth come in early since the space is open? Poor kid …


Saturday 28th of March 2009

Hey girl. Check out my blog. Ive got something for you =)


Friday 27th of March 2009

Sounds like a fun evening and that ppor kid sounds like he needs his teeth back (lol). I just love you new blog look. I love bright colors and the flowers are pretty!!

Hope you are doing well my friend.